Bug Out CD the Mighty BuzzniksGiant talking chickens and tree hugging robots are a few of the odd-ball characters that inspire bum-shaking fun for the whole family on The Mighty bUZZniks long awaited second album, BUG OUT Stacked with 14 smart songs that sound like 'grown up music' but with clever, surreal stories and often ridiculous lyrics, BUG OUT will have kids and parents jamming together in no time. In the world of The Mighty bUZZniks, anything is possible in music and imagination!

Jammed with rock, bluegrass, brass band, hip-hop, psychedelia and electro-pop vibes and delivered with wit and energy, BUG OUT is a brilliant introduction to a rich range of sounds and instruments that appeals to parents, kids and pre-teens alike. Pushing traditional boundaries, BUG OUT defines the new music culture for kids by bridging the gap between pre-school and pre-packaged teen pop that isn't always what parents want their kids to hear.

BUG OUT The Mighty bUZZniks Second Album.
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Preview tracks:
1 Johnno's Pirate Dream
2 Robot Kevin
3 Bully
4 To The Moon
5 Imaginary Friend


The Great Space Circus - The Mighty Buzzniks
Buzzniks' debut album:
The Great Space Circus
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EP cover
Buzzniks EP
To The Moon

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